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An affiliate partner promotes products and services on his or her web site for a commission. Affiliate partners have great ideas for web sites and want to offer their visitors complimentary products, content, or services. They choose affiliate programs that are contextualized within their sites' offerings.

From a novice webmaster sitting at home, to a charity, to a multi-million dollar organization, anyone can become an affiliate partner of premier online businesses. And through those relationships, affiliate partners can add value to their sites and put dollars in their pockets.

Affiliate partners agree to place links to these online businesses on their web sites for the purpose of promoting goods and/or services. Affiliate partners control the type of promotions placed, their locations on the sites and the length of time the promotions run. In return, the affiliate partners can earn commissions on click-throughs, leads or purchases made through their sites, depending on the arrangement with the online business.

E-marketing is a new evolution in affiliate partner marketing. E-marketers can use their e-mail capabilities to place text links within messages. These links serve the same purpose as placing promotions on affiliate partner web sites, and the benefits are the same.

When partnering with PartnerJunction™ customers as an affiliate partner, you can leverage these relationships to increase your site's traffic, enhance your visitors' experiences, and make more money.

As an Affiliate Partner you can:

  • Add a New Source of Revenue - collect up to 65 percent commissions on goods and services promoted on your web site.
  • Get More Repeat Visitors - Connect your content with leading online businesses, and watch new visitors (and returning visitors as well) come back again and again.
  • Save Time & Effort
  • Track Your Results Quickly

Make Your Site Come Alive - Your site has more value when it's more interesting to the people who visit it. Links that promote similar content to your site will increase click-through sales opportunities.

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